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The Car Buyer’s Advocate was established to provide Buyers and Sellers with a professional alternative to the typical car buying and selling experience. We provide honest advice, direction, and access to options that provides positive results in all facets of the auto purchase. From the vehicle itself to the financial side of the purchase, the goal is to help our clients make the best long-term decisions when it comes to buying and disposing of their vehicles.

Whether buying, leasing or selling a brand new vehicle, the Car Buyer’s Advocate will remove the waste of time, money, and unnecessary aggravation that most people go through during the typical car buying process.

By working with the Car Buyer’s Advocate, people save Thousands of Dollars every time they buy or dispose of a vehicle!

The Car Buyer’s Advocate works with a large network of dealers throughout the country, locating and securing the ideal vehicle that meets or exceeds their clients’ desires. Pricing is always fair and provided upfront, with a strong focus on staying within the client’s budget. Direct financing is available, including special interest rates offered by the auto manufacturer or major dealerships.

Once the lowest price has been obtained, our clients are provided a total out-the-door price which won’t change when paperwork is signed. Bring a pre-written check for the exact amount and don’t worry about the inevitable add-ons that come when buying a vehicle at a traditional dealership!


Enjoy side-by-side test drives of vehicles, allowing car shoppers to truly see and feel the differences between the cars. With no delays between test drives, it's much easier to determine the differences. Sitting side-by-side, a car buyer can go back and forth between them to make proper comparisons.


Peace-of-mind. That’s what everyone wants when buying a pre-owned vehicle. The Car Buyer’s Advocate utilizes a proven inspection and reconditioning system which helps ensure that vehicles need nothing until the next oil change is due. Our pre-owned vehicle prices are typically well-below market value. Worst case scenario is a fair price, unless something unique caused the price to be higher than normal.

The goal is to find the ideal pre-owned vehicle at a price that puts our clients in a good financial position from the start.


The Car Buyer’s Advocate offers their clients two options when trading in a vehicle. The traditional method provides a value that is typically about $500 more than Carmax would offer. The private party selling option allows our clients to keep $1500-3000 of the equity they’d otherwise give up when trading the vehicle in.

Want to save thousands of dollars the next time it’s time to trade in your old car? Call the Car Buyer’s Advocate for a free automotive consultation! 480-330-8185

Insurance companies typically offer a low initial settlement offer on a totaled vehicle. Many people don't know that the amount can be negotiated. Call Brian at the Car Buyer’s Advocate if you are involved in an accident, regardless of who was at fault. He will provide you with the true value of your totaled vehicle, including sales tax. Our clients know how much they should negotiate for before the first settlement offer arrives.


The Car Buyer’s Advocate can meet clients wherever and whenever is convenient. Our office and showroom is located on the Phoenix/Tempe border, near I-10 and 40th Street. Vehicles may also be test driven and purchased from the comfort of the buyers' homes or businesses.


Again, it's all about Peace-of-Mind. With new technology in today's cars, expensive repairs are inevitable. The Car Buyer’s Advocate offers guidance and advice to help determine whether an extended warranty makes sense for you and your vehicle.


Working with shippers who need last minute fill-ins for their transport trucks, we usually save our clients $300-500 , depending on distance. Open trailer or enclosed.

Call or submit a free quote request to find out the cost to ship your vehicle.


We all know how expensive it is to replace key fobs these days. Car Buyer’s Advocate wants to help clients save money when the time for a key fob replacement comes up. Contact us to see what it would cost to make a duplicate key for your vehicle.


The Car Buyer’s Advocate BA is happy to accept cash as payment for a new vehicle. But, when financing is needed, we guide our clients to the best lending option possible, allowing them to obtain auto loans directly, saving money each time a monthly payment is made.


Vehicles are subject to an 8.5% sales tax, a $199 dealer doc fee, and license/registration fees Please understand that errors in pricing or features will be apologized for, but not accommodated.

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The Car Buyer's Advocate. A professional advisor that assists clients who are in the market to acquire a new or pre-owned vehicle. Honest advice, guidance, and options that a typical dealer would never offer. Picture a honest, ethical real estate brokerage for car buyers and sellers. That's a Car Buyer's Advocate.

Located on the Tempe/Phoenix border, Car Buyer's Advocate is dedicated to making the car shopping, financing, and purchasing experience simple, fun, and quick.

We start by offering a wide selection of quality, high-value automobiles for almost any budget. We have a variety of cars, vans, SUVs, and pickups available from many of today's top auto brands. We carefully select the vehicles we put on our lot and work hard to offer some of the best vehicles available in the Mesa, AZ area.

Next, Car Buyer's Advocate offers experienced, courteous sales support to each of our guests. Whether you're on the lot to check out a specific vehicle, or need a little help considering all the options for your growing family, our sales team is dedicated to making sure you enjoy the shopping experience and have the information you need to make the right decision for you. We will be happy to answer your questions about features and options and offer you a vehicle history report so you can buy with confidence. We're always focused on customer satisfaction and will never pressure you into a vehicle that isn't right for you.

Finally, we make getting behind the wheel of your next vehicle easy with affordable financing options.

We can work with you to get you the financing you deserve, even if your credit history isn't perfect.

Car Buyer's Advocate is dedicated to making the car buying experience simple. We hope you'll stop by or contact us the next time you're shopping for a quality used vehicle in the Mesa, AZ area. We look forward to your visit.

Car Buyer's Advocate

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Purification Treatment

The eco-friendly NuVinAir product diffuses cleaning vapors throughout the interior of the vehicle to remove contaminants and pollutants.

It results in a remarkably clean and fresh environment for your vehicle.

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How NuVinAir Works

The cyclone treatment system uses a cleansing agent of chlorine-dioxide and water to permeate the vehicle's interior, including the A/C system.

Treatment time is less than 30 minutes!