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Car Buyer's Advocate works on their client's behalf to locate and secure the ideal vehicle at the best possible price. The Car Buyer's Advocate provides information and options that the dealers would never offer, as it takes money out of their pockets and keeps it in yours. Removing all the negative aspects of the car-buying process is the goal, creating a joyful, logical, easy and quick car-buying experience.


The Car Buyer’s Advocate was established to provide Buyers and Sellers with a professional alternative to the typical car buying and selling experience. We provide honest advice, direction, and access to options that provides positive results in all facets of the auto purchase. From the vehicle itself to the financial side of the purchase, the goal is to help our clients make the best long-term decisions when it comes to buying and disposing of their vehicles.

Whether buying, leasing or selling a brand new vehicle, the Car Buyer’s Advocate will remove the waste of time, money, and unnecessary aggravation that most people go through during the typical car buying process.

By working with the Car Buyer’s Advocate, people save Thousands of Dollars every time they buy or dispose of a vehicle!


The Car Buyer’s Advocate works with a large network of dealers throughout the country, locating and securing the ideal vehicle that meets or exceeds their clients’ desires. Pricing is always fair and provided upfront, with a strong focus on staying within the client’s budget. Direct financing is available, including special interest rates offered by the auto manufacturer or major dealerships.

Once the lowest price has been obtained, our clients are provided a total out-the-door price which won’t change when paperwork is signed. Bring a pre-written check for the exact amount and don’t worry about the inevitable add-ons that come when buying a vehicle at a traditional dealership!


Enjoy side-by-side test drives of vehicles, allowing car shoppers to truly see and feel the differences between the cars. With no delays between test drives, it's much easier to determine the differences. Sitting side-by-side, a car buyer can go back and forth between them to make proper comparisons.


Peace-of-mind. That’s what everyone wants when buying a pre-owned vehicle. The Car Buyer’s Advocate utilizes a proven inspection and reconditioning system which helps ensure that vehicles need nothing until the next oil change is due. Our pre-owned vehicle prices are typically well-below market value. Worst case scenario is a fair price, unless something unique caused the price to be higher than normal.

The goal is to find the ideal pre-owned vehicle at a price that puts our clients in a good financial position from the start.


The Car Buyer’s Advocate offers their clients two options when trading in a vehicle. The traditional method provides a value that is typically about $500 more than Carmax would offer. The private party selling option allows our clients to keep $1500-3000 of the equity they’d otherwise give up when trading the vehicle in.

Want to save thousands of dollars the next time it’s time to trade in your old car? Call the Car Buyer’s Advocate for a free automotive consultation! 480-330-8185


Insurance companies typically offer a low initial settlement offer on a totaled vehicle. Many people don't know that the amount can be negotiated. Call Brian at the Car Buyer’s Advocate if you are involved in an accident, regardless of who was at fault. He will provide you with the true value of your totaled vehicle, including sales tax. Our clients know how much they should negotiate for before the first settlement offer arrives.


The Car Buyer’s Advocate can meet clients wherever and whenever is convenient. Our office and showroom is located on the Phoenix/Tempe border, near I-10 and 40th Street. Vehicles may also be test driven and purchased from the comfort of the buyers' homes or businesses.


Again, it's all about Peace-of-Mind. With new technology in today's cars, expensive repairs are inevitable. The Car Buyer’s Advocate offers guidance and advice to help determine whether an extended warranty makes sense for you and your vehicle.


Working with shippers who need last minute fill-ins for their transport trucks, we usually save our clients $300-500 , depending on distance. Open trailer or enclosed.

Call or submit a free quote request to find out the cost to ship your vehicle.


We all know how expensive it is to replace key fobs these days. Car Buyer’s Advocate wants to help clients save money when the time for a key fob replacement comes up. Contact us to see what it would cost to make a duplicate key for your vehicle.


The Car Buyer’s Advocate BA is happy to accept cash as payment for a new vehicle. But, when financing is needed, we guide our clients to the best lending option possible, allowing them to obtain auto loans directly, saving money each time a monthly payment is made.


Vehicles are subject to an 8.6% sales tax, a $199 dealer doc fee, and license/registration fees Please understand that errors in pricing or features will be apologized for, but not accommodated.

Customer Reviews
  • Jill Herndon
    2 months ago
    Brian and his team make car shopping an easy and painless experience. Just tell him what you’re looking for and many times he will find it and more! This is our fourth experience with Brian‘s business and once again, we are extremely pleased with our purchase! I highly recommend Brian at Car Buyers Advocare!
  • Mia Lee
    3 months ago
    Brian is so great I came in with my cousin to buy a car not only did he get her a good deal on the car but he made us feel so welcome. He answered all of our questions with so much info and didn’t make us feel at all worried about this car buying process! We are leaving with a new car and I can’t wait to come back for myself to buy a car
  • Terry Cryer
    3 months ago
    Our family have purchased 7 vehicles through Brian Newman and all have been a fantastic experience he goes fat=r above and beyond what I have encountered at a conventional dealership. This is the only place to go for a vehicle as far as I'm concerned
  • David Chase
    4 months ago
    I found this car online and called Brian for more information which he explained in detail. When I looked at the vehicle in person Brian assisted in any questions I had and told me about the previous owners maintenance habits. He provided documents showing maintenance and repairs for the vehicle. This was a zero pressure, very pleasant experience. I took the vehicle to my mechanic for a thorough once over to which I was pleasantly surprised to hear there were no issues. I will call on Brian at Car Buyers Advocate when I have a vehicle need in the future and recommend him if you want a trustworthy vehicle at a good price.
  • Debby White
    5 months ago
    Brian's the BEST! Does all the work for you all while getting a great deal!
  • William White
    5 months ago
    So patient and understanding with indecisive friends. Were super happy and blessed to know you, and all you do for us and our customers. Thanks again!
  • sri kanth
    5 months ago
    I was initially skeptical about the deal but Brian's transparency and honesty made me close the deal on my 2019 Nissan Rogue. I dont think you can get any better if you are looking to buy a used car. My car had some minor issues, Brian took care of all of those and listened to our concerns patiently. I had one that need to be fixed after the purchase, he made sure i get a loaner and worked on it. He was not able to get it to 100% but still its good, he even proposed to cancel the whole deal if i didn't like the vehicle at any point. Wonderful car buying experience, i am definitely referring my friends when they need a car.
  • Cody Doyle
    5 months ago
    Five stars just isn't enough! Buying from Car Buyer's Advocate -- Brian -- was the easiest and most honest experience I've ever had when purchasing a car. Brian made the whole process a walk in the park. I found a great car that was priced exceptionally well, and he made sure that every detail was worked through to my ultimate satisfaction. Brian truly cares about his clients and puts his heart and soul into every transaction he ventures into. I can honestly say, that it was a genuine pleasure working with him and his team. He is the guy to go to if you're in the market for a car. He is simply the best! Thank you Brian (and Jennifer) for making it so easy for me every step of the way!! I'll definitely be buying from you again and will refer everyone I know.
  • Johnathan George
    6 months ago
    I have worked with Brian of Car Buyer's Advocate on multiple car purchases. His customer service is second to none. I will never buy another car from anywhere else.
  • Andrew Ericson
    7 months ago
    Amazing car buying experience. Honest pricing, excellent customer service and transparent. Brian is willing to help even after the car purchase is completed. No hassle, easy financing and great cars below KBB pricing. Definitely give his dealership a try!
  • Brittney Zec
    7 months ago
    I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Car Buyers Advocate! Brian was so kind and patient throughout the process. It's difficult to find the words to explain just how wonderful Brian made the car buying process. Brian's integrity, kindness, and compassion is like anything you'll ever find in the car buying business. Not to mention- everything was taken care of- license plates and all! If you have the opportunity to buy from Car Buyers Advocate it will be the best car buying decision you've ever made! Will definitely be coming back :) Thank you Brian and Car Buyers Advocate!
  • Aaron Green
    7 months ago
    WOW!!! We can't tell you how great of an experience it was to work with Brian! He made the whole process simple and upfront. No hassling. No haggling. He is easy to talk to, and you'll end up talking about something other than just the vehicle you're after. He's a good stand-up guy and understands the invariable frustrations that can come up during any buying experience. We're sending everyone we know his way! He also has a great team of lenders- so if you're self-employed in a pandemic- he knows people- and our rate beats any deal we've seen! As far as the Green's are concerned, we aren't going anywhere else! Thanks again Brian!
  • Connie Rubis
    a month ago
    Prior to moving to AZ, we had bought our last four vehicles through a wholesaler. We would tell him what we wanted and he would find the vehicle for us. I was thrilled to find Car Buyer Advocate and Brian Newman who was able to provide this same service for me. Even though the models and makes of the type of car in which I was interested had primarily black interiors which was the only thing that I did not want, Brian did find a gray interior on a white Toyota RAV4 in excellent condition. Brian was more than accommodating to the point of delivering my garage door opener which I had left in my trade-in vehicle.

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 2017 BMW 3 Series 330e iPerformance Plug-In Hybrid at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $26,995 2017 BMW 3 SeriesWBA8E1C39HA159196
 2008 Chrysler 300C 4d Sedan at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $10,900 2008 Chrysler 300C2C3KA63H58H238397
 1992 Dodge Stealth 2d Coupe R/T at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $18,995 1992 Dodge StealthJB3XD64B4NY035488
 2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4d SUV 2WD XLT V6 at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $15,888 2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac1FMEU31E98UA56363
 2012 Ford F150 4WD Supercrew Platinum 6 1/2 at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $21,995 2012 Ford F150 4WD1FTFW1ET5CFA14334
 2016 Ford F150 4WD SuperCrew XLT 5 1/2 at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $33,995 2016 Ford F150 4WD1FTEW1EG2GKE16713
 2018 Ford F150 4WD SuperCab XLT at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $30,976 2018 Ford F150 4WD1FTEX1EP3JFA72810
 2007 Lexus RX 350 AWD 4dr at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $12,880 2007 Lexus RX 3502T2HK31U17C039630
 2005 Maybach 57 4d Sedan Base at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $57,775 2005 Maybach 57WDBVF78J55A001171
 2013 Nissan Titan 2WD Crew Cab SV at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $23,495 2013 Nissan Titan 2WD1N6BA0ED3DN304513
 2017 Ram 2500 4WD Crew Cab Tradesman at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $37,995 2017 Ram 2500 4WD3C6UR5CL6HG601924
 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder 2d Convertible at Car Buyer's Advocate near Phoenix, AZ $17,898 2001 Toyota MR2 SpyderJTDFR320710027311

About us

The Car Buyer's Advocate. A professional advisor that assists clients who are in the market to acquire a new or pre-owned vehicle. Honest advice, guidance, and options that a typical dealer would never offer.

Located on the Tempe/Phoenix border, Car Buyer's Advocate is dedicated to making the car shopping, financing, and purchasing experience simple, fun, and quick.

We start by offering a wide selection of quality, high-value automobiles for almost any budget. We have a variety of cars, vans, SUVs, and pickups available from many of today's top auto brands. We carefully select the vehicles we put on our lot and work hard to offer some of the best vehicles available across the country.

If the desired vehicle is not in the Car Byer's Advocate inventory, a national search will be conducted until we find the ideal unit. Full inspection and certification, thorough detail and quality control service will be performed prior to delivery.

Finally, we make getting behind the wheel of your next vehicle easy with affordable financing options.

We can work with you to get you the financing you deserve, even if your credit history isn't perfect.

Car Buyer's Advocate is dedicated to making the car buying experience simple. We hope you'll stop by or contact us the next time you're shopping for a quality used vehicle. We look forward to your visit.

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